If you have enjoyed the images that are on display, please take a moment and leave me a message below,


Hi, my name is Dave Oliver and I love to shoot Sports & Action,


My goal is to tell a story with the images that I capture.


If it’s a fast action sport then I want to shoot it.



Every time I go out, I attempt to capture and tell an amazing story.


My photography passion was passed onto me by my father and in today’s


world of camera phones, with instant imaging, I want to show you images,


which, allow you to experience, in your mind's eye, that split second in time.



I want to leave you with images, that allow you to feel the emotion of the 


moment, that will live on forever.


Thank you for taking the time to look at my site.

I hope you enjoyed the images, as much as I enjoyed capturing them..

For those memories, you don't want to forget

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